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Since 1999, Fitfix has been helping people reach their health and fitness goals. With NSCA and FMS certified trainers, we are able to provide you with the best services and information available in the industry. We are the only Studio-based training center in the Yonge and Eglinton area and pride ourselves on our clean and comfortable facilities. With a wide variety of clientele working out in our studio – from people looking to lose weight or stay in shape, to Ironmen competitors trying to take minutes off their events – Fitfix has a service and training program right for you.

Mission Statement

To provide our clients with informative and personalized health and fitness care, enabling them to reach their individual goals and fitness potential with a one-on-one approach.

Our Services


At Fitfix, our main goal is always to help you achieve your best health. Our trainers provide you with useful tools and information to assist in developing proper training techniques and healthy lifestyle choices. Whether you have osteoporosis, suffer the chronic pain of fibromyalgia, need help managing your weight, or need help in developing a balanced and healthy lifestyle, Fitfix has the experience, the knowledge and a large network of health and wellness providers to help you reach your health and wellness goals. Our network of sports doctors, RMTs, nutritionists, physiotherapists and naturopaths work closely with your trainer to help provide you with the best advice, service and training you can get.


In the health and fitness industry, personal training has proven to be the most effective way for you to reach your fitness goals. At Fitfix we show you the most effective and safest ways of training your body. This includes cardiovascular workouts, weight training, and flexibility routines. Whether you are 10, 40 or 70, we will teach you proper technique and form, how to maximize each movement and provide you with an understanding of how your body works. With a focus on functional training and increasing your overall fitness, you will notice improvements in your strength, stamina and stability when performing daily activities or engaging in recreational sports.


Training an athlete is more than just training. You need to know all the physical and mental issues that come up over their season. Pushing when its time to push, then allowing the athlete to ease up when they need extra recovery time is a fine balance and takes experience. We pride ourselves on our experience and knowledge when it comes to this type of training. We are athletes and have competed at all levels from Provincial and National, to International competition. Anyone can attempt to use Periodization Training, but only an athlete who has done this and has peaked can really understand what it takes to endure and succeed. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, an endurance athlete, or compete in multiple individual or team sports throughout the year, let Fitfix make you stronger, faster and more successful in your sport.

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